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Outward vs Inward Swinging Doors

Walk In Tubs – Outward vs Inward Swinging Doors

One of the most important questions all good walk in tub shoppers ask is: Should I buy a walk in tub with inward swinging doors or outward swinging doors?And for good reason. Deciding on the wrong walk in tub door opens a pandoras box of wellness, safety, and health concerns. What’s so bad about Inward swinging […]

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essential vs luxury features

Essential and Luxury Walk In Tub Features – Ultimate Buyers Guide

How many people does it take to buy a walk in tub? Just one, if you’re lucky. With so many nifty features, it’s easy to get bogged down and give up. What’s aromatherapy? Do I need a quick release drain? And what the f**k is chromotherapy? Deciding which features are essential and which are luxury changes from […]

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7 surprising health benefits of walk in tubs

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Soaking In A Walk In Tub

We all know how relaxing and soothing a quick soak in a jacuzzi is. Or how great a warm bath is for back pain. But did you know that having your own walk in tub makes you healthier? No really it does. The high water temperature coupled with an air jet massage boosts blood circulation, […]

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